Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The initial post for my fishing blog

Fishing is something I've always enjoyed doing - even as a kid, my brother and I would walk nearly a mile to fish one of the large ponds that litter the town in which we lived. It's always brought happiness into my life, and I could seriously tell you stories that would be beyond belief. But, I lived them, and hope to share future fishing adventures with all of my readers.

Anyway, to help pass the time during the off-season for my gardening, I decided to go all-out with this old hobby of mine. Never before have the cold months been spent on the water, but several hundred dollars have been invested in doing just that. I have to do it for my sanity - as you surely understand how lonely it is around here now.

The great thing is, I live in close proximity to some of the best fishing spots in the United States, and will share details and pictures of each along the way.

The locations for trips will be:

1. Cedar Creek Lake - located 15 miles from my house, which consists of 4,200 acres of surface area. This lake has some really large fish in it, and a couple of 15 lb largemouth bass have been caught there during my lifetime. This lake is the largest of the 4 lakes that make up what's called the Bear Creek Lakes.

2. Little Bear Creek Lake - also located 15 miles from my house, and is by far the most beautiful in all of Northwest Alabama. Used primarily for recreational purposes, it also possesses pretty good fishing opportunities. Jenette and myself spent many days here each spring catching crappie during past years. The water there is crystal clear, so smaller tackle does best most of the time....It consists of just over 1,600 acres of surface area, and is also included in the 4 lakes that are part of the Bear Creek Lakes system.

You can find more info at www.bearcreeklakes.com

3. Pickwick Lake Reservoir - part of the Tennessee River system, this lake is a previous owner of the world-record Smallmouth Bass. Daddy used to only go here for the catfish, but I'll be going for the slab-sized crappie caught here.

4. Wilson Lake Reservoir - also part of the Tennessee River System, this is my personal favorite for largemouth bass. I actually lived on this lake during three years of my life, and know it better than the other 3 combined. During spring of each year, I'll show you some nice stringers of bass that fall prey to my little secret bait.

Anyway, just wanted to post something to get things started off, and will be adding more posts as the season progresses.



  1. I look forward to following it. I love to fish too, but have not been able to do it much since my daughter was born four years ago. I am primarily a bass fisherman, but I like crappies in the winter too.

  2. Kris, it should be fun. I hope to make the maiden trip this weekend, but we'll just have to see. Several trips will be likely over the holidays, too.

  3. Jeff, glad to find your new blog! I used to fish Lake Erie up by the islands (way back in the day) when you could catch yellow perch as long as your forearm. I hope you enjoy many hours on the water this winter. Looking forward to reading more. Take care...