Sunday, December 11, 2011

My equipment for crappie fishing

Once cold temperatures arrive for the year on any particular lake, fish position themselves at a depth more comfortable to their bodies. Crappie will typically be situated somewhere between 20 and 50 feet deep - unless of course the lake is not hardly that deep. Also, if you find one - there's usually several more with it. This is because of their schooling habits, so locating these small pockets of fish on a big body of water is what makes the difference between someone that goes home with an empty livewell , or one who has fish for the evening's dinner.

Even during spring, fish can only be located in 20% of a lake's overall surface area, and you could say that cold weather conditions are even worse.
So, I have invested in some extra equipment to increase chances for success, and would like to share some of them with you.

B'n'M Fishing Camo BrushCutter Crappie Rod, 2 piece, 10 feet total length, qty 3
Purchased from Cabela's for $60 each, these long spinning rods will allow me to fish any way imaginable. From vertical tight-lining into submerged treetops, to trolling with them at any depth - these long rods have a very sensitive tip and lots of backbone, too.

Quantum® Catalyst® PT™ Spinning Reel, qty 3
With a regular price of $140 each at Cabela's, these were marked down to half price. Consisting of 7 bearings in each reel, words can't describe how smooth the operation is.

Humminbird 596c HD DI fishfinder
Being able to see what structure lies on the lake floor dictates where the fish are located, because a crappie or bass wants something to relate to for both security, and also as an ambush point. These two species of fish are predators in their world, and simply won't exert much energy chasing after their prey.
Anyway, this unit was purchased directly from the Humminbird website for $550 plus tax, and is the key to locating fish when others can't. Here's some snapshots of performance from their website.....

And here's what it'll look like on the fishfinder........

Various jigs, tackle boxes, and winter clothing to use especially for this type of fishing were also purchased, and if something has been left out - I just can't think of it.
All decals, permits, and licenses have been acquired, and boat operation has been finalized also.
The first trip of the season will take place in a couple of days, and I'll post about it later this week. I hope to show you some good pictures.



  1. Just took a stroll to your old garden blog and saw the new blog..stopped by to say hello! and good luck with your fishing, I don't mind cleaning and eating them :o) but fishing for them has never been convenient. Glad to see there is something to keep you going. Ginny

  2. That is a nice fish finder unit. A whole lot nicer than what we had when I was growing up. Hopefully you will hit a nice school of them. Are you going to be fishing with live crappie minnows?

  3. Ginny - I really needed something to occupy my time, and thankfully fishing fit the bill quite well.

    Kris - I'll primarily be using artificial jigs, but occasionally minnows too.